Baby kicks during pregnancy

Baby kicks during pregnancy

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Babies like to kick, and they can kick hard. This is a normal part of fetal growth and development. Occasionally it can be very uncomfortable for you. Your baby's movements can hurt if she kicks a nerve or other sensitive tissues.

To get some relief, I've got a few tricks you can try. Shift positions to relieve pressure points, lie down on your side, try walking around or taking a warm bath. Another option is yoga positions such as hands and knees or downward facing dog.

A highly active baby, though, is a positive sign. No fetal movement or a decrease in fetal movement is cause for concern. In the third trimester, you should be feeling your baby moving regularly; if you don't, try sitting down quietly and waking her up with a cold sweet drink. If you don't feel at least four kicks in the next hour, please see your doctor right away.

The good news is that all those kicks are a sign that your baby's doing well. Try to keep comfortable and enjoy this unique connection to your baby.

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